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Friday, January 8, 2016

First Vox Box review

So I joined this service called Influenster. They send you samples of stuff to try and review. Cool right? I was so excited to get some free makeup or haircare or household samples to try. So I did the surveys and whatnot for a year, but never qualified for a box...until last month. Omg omg omg! I opened the email hoping to see I was getting a makeup or haircare sample...but it was Slim Fast.

Influenster trolled the hell out of me. Lol

BUT...I'm no ingrate, so I gave it the ole college try and here are a few thoughts:

(Note: I received these complimentary products for testing purposes only and I'm not being compensated for this review).

1. The shake
Eh...tasted like diet pudding. I guess I could choke this down if necessary, but I'd rather starve myself skinny lol.

2. The granola bar
Not bad, I'd buy this one, and it's under 200 calories, so win.

3. SC&O crisps
These kinda tasted like seasoned cardboard, not my fave.

4. Cinnamon swirl crisps
These were actually pretty good. I'd skip a second snack if I was following this diet and put these in a bowl with some milk, theye tasted like cereal. I'd definitely buy these again.

So...if you're looking to go the Slimfast route, give these a try, you may like them. Ciao! :)

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