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Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is why...

"Why do you talk white??" "No nigga I'm educated, try it sometimes"

I just clicked "like" on this page on Facebook. The first half of this statement truly irritates me. I've heard it directed at me before and my answer was very much like the answer given.

What really chaps my ass is the thought process behind such an "insult". Since when does using proper grammar and
enunciation belong entirely to the White race? Why must horrifying English and that dreaded Ebonics crap belong solely to minorities (read: Blacks and to a much lesser extent, Latinos)? Why is it a social faux pas in some circles to use correct English?

As a minority, it enrages me to hear that from people. It's an insult to our race, our culture. To our ancestors who risked death by teaching their children to read and write by candlelight on plantations hundreds of years ago; to the people who sacrificed their lives so we could be treated as equals in this not so equal society; and to those who have to try extra hard, go the extra distance, just to distance themselves from all that madness today.

What, I ask, is so great about bad English and Ebonics? Does it make you sound "cooler" or give you an "edge"? Don't get me wrong--I use slang, I use certain language (read: foul) around certain people and in certain settings--but I try not to blur the line between presenting myself as someone who knows how to act in public and someone who doesn't give a thought to their surroundings.

Some would say I need to know better people, but I think that's a load of shit. Knowing all kinds of people enrich the person you are.

I don't know and I don't judge. It just irks me, that's all. It also irks me that that response was grammatically incorrect, but now I'm just being ridiculous. LOL;)

*drops mic*

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